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We are currently working on all our tours and destinations during this Covid-19 situation. Morocco, like most of the world, is presently in lockdown and no commercial flights are entering the country. Morocco's main airway (Royal Air Maroc) are opening up bookings from June 2020 at the moment, and we hope that later on in the year we can welcome people back to Morocco. In the meantime we would be happy to plan your future trip! 

Thanks to Karen Justice and Ivan Sikic for photographs


MOROCCO: Discover a country that has everything - sun, sand and palm trees to high snow clad mountains and skiing. Coastal villages, beaches and sea to the souks, palaces and riads of the Imperial Cities. Whether your interest is in trekking, sightseeing, sunbathing, mountain biking or just seeing a completely different culture and people, M. Trek and Tour can help plan your dream holiday.  CONTACT US


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